Giving Fund
What's the best way to simplify your giving? Open a Giving Fund, a flexible solution that makes it easy for you to recommend grants, make contributions, and keep track of all your giving online, anytime, anywhere ... learn more

  Asset-based giving
We're a recognized leader in receiving and liquidating non-cash assets such as publicly-traded stock, real estate, and business interests. We can help you leverage these creative gifts and multiply your impact for the Kingdom ... learn more

  Legacy Fund
We can help your giving go on after your lifetime with our Legacy Fund. With this special type of Giving Fund, we ensure that your granting desires are faithfully carried out now or after your lifetime ... learn more

  Charitable gift annuity (CGA)
With a CGA, you make a gift (part of which is tax deductible), and then you receive fixed annuity payments each year for the remainder of your life. If you wish, you can have the payments go to a family member or friend instead ... learn more

  Charitable trust
We offer charitable lead trusts (CLT) and charitable remainder trusts (CRT), two solutions that can help you balance your lifestyle or income goals with your charitable giving ... learn more

  Supporting organization (SO)
An SO is a separate legal entity that allows an individual donor, family, or corporation to manage grant-making to charitable organizations. Many people combine an SO with their Giving Fund ... learn more

Multiply your impact
If you are currently writing checks to your local church and various ministries, but also have appreciated stocks or mutual funds in a taxable investment portfolio, you likely have a significant opportunity to pay less tax, give more, improve your ... read more
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